International Medieval Congress, Leeds 2010

The special thematic strand of the 2010 Leeds congress "Travel and exploration" was coordinated by Felicitas Schmieder, recurrent visiting professor at the Medieval Studies Department. The congress, with its over 400 sessions, attracted more than 1,500 participants, among them several faculty members, current, and former students of the Department. As in each year, Gerhard Jaritz organized numerous sessions on topics such as business networks in late medieval society, the network of medieval roads, and a round table exploring medieval attitudes to cats. On the occasion of the publication of the Gesta Hungarorum of the Anonymous Notary and the epistle of Master Roger about the Mongol invasion János Bak convened a round table talk at the congress. Paul W. Knoll (University of Southern California), Zrinka Nikolić Jakuš (University of Zagreb), Martyn Rady (University College London) and Balázs Nagy discussed with János Bak the established traditions and the future plans of the Central European Medieval Texts book series. In addition to these events, Alice Choyke, Fabrizio Conti, László Ferenczi, Julia Jedamski, Alena Kliuchnik, Balázs Nagy, Magdolna Szilágyi, András Vadas, and Daniel Ziemann read papers at individual sessions of the congress.

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