Term Title Instructor Credits
CC + Tutorial: Texts and Communities in Byzantium Floris Bernard 4
Foundations I: Religion and State (Lecture) Aziz Al-Azmeh 2
Greek Reading Seminar István Bodnár
Co-teacher: Chloe Balla
HIST 5094 MA Thesis Writing Tutorial Zsuzsanna Reed 0
HIST 5128 MA Academic Writing Tutorial Zsuzsanna Reed 0
Independent Study (MA) Supervisors 2
Independent Study (PhD) Supervisors 2
MA Thesis Planning Seminar Carsten L. Wilke
József Laszlovszky
MEDS 6049 Advanced Research Methods Zsuzsanna Reed 2
Medieval Heritage of Budapest József Laszlovszky 1
Plague in the Later Middle Ages Otto Gecser 1
Revolutions and Civil Wars in the Twentieth Century: a comparative analysis Julián Casanova 4
The Artist as an Agent of History. From Symbolic Politics to Visual Activism Edit Andras 4
The Jewish Revival From A Global Perspective Daniel Monterescu
Zsofia Vincze
The Secret Life of Texts: Finding, Keeping and Using Texts from Medieval Scribes to Modern Scholarship Zsuzsanna Reed 2
Thesis writing consultation Gerhard Jaritz
Alice Mathea Choyke
Pre-Session, Fall CHSP 5001 Presenting Cultural Heritage Zsuzsanna Reed 2
Pre-Session Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies and the Cultural Heritage of Budapest Balázs Nagy
József Laszlovszky
Pre-Session Introduction to Research Resources for Medievalists Balázs Nagy
József Laszlovszky
Fall, Winter Faculty Research Seminar Daniel Ziemann 1
Fall, Winter Strategic Management of Cultural Institutions Maciej Kisilowski 2
Fall Academic Writing for Medievalists 1YMA Thomas Rooney 2
Fall Advanced Greek Text Reading Seminar - Reading Plotinus' Treatise Against the Gnostics (II.9 [33]) István Perczel
Csaba Ötvös
Fall Advanced Research Methodology Zsuzsanna Reed 1
Fall Advanced Text Reading Seminar - Syriac István Perczel 2
Fall CC + Tutorial: Late Antiquity: Postmodern Approaches Marianne Sághy 4
Fall CC + Tutorial: The Bible Reloaded: Latin Hagiographies (4-14th century) Marianne Sághy 4
Fall CC + Tutorial: The Ottoman Urban Concept: Spatial Transformation and Population Changes in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Cities in the Ottoman Realm Grigor Boykov 4
Fall CC + tutorial: The Last Reforms of Medieval Christendom: Observances, Conciliarism, Heresies, Witch-hunts Gábor Klaniczay 4
Fall Classical Republicanism in Theory and Practice Gina White 2
Fall Conflict and Its Resolution Between Orality and the Written Word in Late-medieval Hungary Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Fall Cultural Heritage Policy Alexandra Kowalski 2
Fall Digital Tools for Humanities Volodymyr Kulikov 2
Fall Food and Society from the Roman Empire to the Early Middle Ages Robin Nadeau 2
Fall From Meat to Metaphor: Human-animal Entanglements in the Middle Ages Alice Mathea Choyke
Gerhard Jaritz
Fall Hagia Sophia of Constantinople: Sketching a Political and Social History (532-1204) Stephanos Efthymiadis 1
Fall History of Monument Protection Béla Zsolt Szakács 2
Fall Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management. Project management Zsuzsanna Szálka
Dóra Mérai
Fall Introduction to Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Volker Menze
József Laszlovszky
Fall Introductory Academic Writing Thomas Rooney 2
Fall Late Antique and Medieval Political Theology György Geréby 2
Fall Latin Palaeography, Book hand Anna Somfai 2
Fall MA Thesis Seminar I Marcell Sebők
Gyorgy E. Szonyi
Zsuzsanna Reed
Fall Medieval Codicology Anna Somfai 2
Fall Medieval Mysticism (Advanced Reading Seminar in Latin) György Geréby 2
Fall Medieval Studies Doctoral Colloquium Alice Mathea Choyke
Balázs Nagy
Fall Medieval Theories of Language and Logic György Geréby 2
Fall Neoplatonism and Advaita Vedānta: an Introduction to the Problem István Perczel
Ferenc Ruzsa
Fall Schoolmasters and Students: Learning and Scholarship in Byzantium Divna Manolova 2
Fall The Past is Another Country: Cultural Policies in Europe Marcell Sebők 2
Fall The Power of Images: Renaissance and Early Modern Visual Communication Marcell Sebők 2
Fall The Renaissance: Culture, Institutions, Representations Gyorgy E. Szonyi 2
Fall Thesis writing seminar Alice Mathea Choyke
József Laszlovszky
Fall Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento: Roman Ideology and Roman Rule Volker Menze
Gina White
Winter Academic Field Trip Seminar József Laszlovszky
Béla Zsolt Szakács
Winter Academic field trip seminar József Laszlovszky
Zsuzsanna Reed
Winter Advanced Text Reading Seminar (ATRS): Byzantine Spiritual Theories (Reading Class in Greek) György Geréby 2
Winter Bible for Medievalists György Geréby 2
Winter CC + Tutorial: Art and Liturgy in the Middle Ages Béla Zsolt Szakács 4
Winter CC + Tutorial: History of Daily Life Gerhard Jaritz 4
Winter CC + Tutorial: The Formation of Political and Ecclesiastical Theory: From Cicero to Erasmus Daniel Ziemann 4
Winter CC + tutorial: Rethinking the Ottoman Magnificent Centuy (1480s-1590s) Tijana Krstić 4
Winter Countercultures and the Secret Services in Late Socialist Central Europe Gábor Klaniczay
Balázs Trencsényi
Winter Cultural Heritage Site Management: Project and Institutional Framework Dóra Mérai
Zsuzsanna Szálka
Winter Cultural Heritage and Memory in South and Southeast Asia Zsuzsanna Renner 2
Winter Demography, Trade and Urbanisation in Medieval Central Europe Balázs Nagy 2
Winter Documentary Heritage: Practices of Managing Information - Selecting, Storing, Sharing, Summarizing Marcell Sebők
Gabriella Ivacs
Diane Geraci
Winter Early Modern Anthropologies: Observing, Describing, Professing Nature and Science Marcell Sebők 2
Winter Historiography II: Grand Debates in Mediterranean History Tijana Krstić 2
Winter Historiography II: Grand Debates on Issues of the History of Central Europe Marianne Sághy 2
Winter Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Analysis of Monastic Sources József Laszlovszky 2
Winter Language as Part of Cultural Heritage Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Winter Late Ancient and Mediaeval Science (5th-15th c.) Anna Somfai 2
Winter Legal and institutional protection of Cultural Heritage Gábor Soós 2
Winter Legal and institutional protection of Cultural Heritage 2 (Advanced) Gábor Soós
Roger O'Keefe
Winter Medieval Studies Doctoral Colloquium II Alice Mathea Choyke
Gerhard Jaritz
Winter Miracles: from Wonder-workers to Canonized Saints Ildiko Csepregi 2
Winter Monastic Cultures: Space, Landscape, Heritage József Laszlovszky 2
Winter Mystics and Visionaries in the Later Middle Ages Gábor Klaniczay 2
Winter Protection of natural and cultural heritage. Policy, management and communication Ruben Mnatsakanian 2
Winter Reading Medieval Latin Poetry: From Translation to Interpretation Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Winter Scholastic Philosophy and Theology of Nature György Geréby 2
Winter Similar Ideas, Images and Arguments: Ancient Greek and Indian Thought Ferenc Ruzsa
TA: Kata Aklan
Winter Thesis Planning Seminar József Laszlovszky
Zsuzsanna Reed
Winter Thesis writing consultation Gerhard Jaritz
Alice Mathea Choyke
Spring Christianity and Islam in Medieval Anatolia Sara Nur Yildiz 1
Spring Didactic Poetry and Metrical Paraphrases in Byzantium Floris Bernard 1
Spring Ottoman Law in Early Modernity and Modernity Christoph Neumann 1