Title Instructor Credit
Academic Writing

Aims of the Course

The aim of this course is to help you develop as a writer within the English speaking academic community by raising awareness of, practicing, and reflecting upon the conventions of written texts. In addition to addressing issues related to academic writing, the course will also focus on the other skills you will need to complete your graduate level work in English.

During the course, you will:

Thomas Rooney 2.0
Advanced Research Methodology

This is a required course for probationary doctoral candidates intended to foster academic research methods and writing skills that will enable incoming PhD students to participate fully in scholarly life and discourse as professionals. It is designed as a venue for each student to develop a strong dissertation prospectus that includes a clear statement of dissertation topics, research questions, a well-thought-out description of methodology, a consideration of potential primary and secondary sources, and a carefully prepared bibliography.

Faculty Research Seminar

The Faculty Research Seminar invites the departmental and CEU communities to share, learn about and discuss ongoing research. Presenters – visiting scholars, resident faculty, as well as advanced doctoral students or post-docs – are encouraged to offer work-in-progress (draft book chapters, articles, conference papers) or problematic passages from their sources for discussion, rather than to read refined papers. Topics will cover the whole range of medieval and historical studies at CEU.

Daniel Ziemann 1.0
Independent Study

For medieval students only; students read important works in their area of interest in consultation with their advisors. The amount of reading will vary with the number of credits students enroll for.  PhD students with expertise close to the MA student’s thesis topic can be involved in selecting and discussing the readings.

Introduction to Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies

The course aims to provide students with an overview of recent historiographical and methodological discussions around "Medieval Studies". The class will not follow a chronological path (and overview) but attempts to trace historiographical trends as well introduce a variety of disciplines (archaeology, numismatics, theology etc.) necessary to study and understand the "Middle Ages". However, the sessions on these disciplines will also have a thematic focus in order to demonstrate the interplay between various disciplines and their use for scholars and students in their research.

Volker Menze
József Laszlovszky
Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies and the Cultural Heritage of Budapest

The course intends to introduce new students in cultural heritage studies to the research resources offered by CEU in general, with a view of other heritage institutions (museums, monument protection institutions, archives, libraries) in Budapest. It incorporates presentations and guided tours offered by faculty members and experts working in the different heritage related institutions.

József Laszlovszky
Balázs Nagy
Introduction to Research Resources for Medievalists

The course intends to introduce new medievalist students to the research resources offered by CEU in general and the Department of Medieval Studies in particular, with visits to libraries and museums in Budapest. It also gives an overview of the research facilities and main academic journals available for the students of our department.

Balázs Nagy 2.0
Latin Palaeography, Book hand

The aim of the course is to provide tuition in the practical skill of Latin palaeography (book hand). The course focuses on the reading and transcription of various scripts with samples ranging from the 4th to the 15th centuries, covering the whole medieval period. Each class consists of sight reading (reading without preparation) of photocopied manuscript folios written in different scripts, discussion of the characteristics of the hand, script and abbreviations and a brief introduction to the relevant script through powerpoint presentation and white board illustration.

Anna Somfai 2.0
Medieval Codicology

The aim of the course is to provide familiarity with the medieval manuscript book, the object that transmitted classical and medieval texts and images and now enables us to arrive at a knowledge concerning the environment, interests and scholarship of those who produced and used each codex.

Anna Somfai 2.0