Term Title Instructor Credits
Academic field trip seminar József Laszlovszky
Zsuzsanna Reed
Cultural Heritage Site Management: Project and Institutional Framework Dóra Mérai
Zsuzsanna Szálka
Cultural Heritage and Memory in South and Southeast Asia Zsuzsanna Renner 2
Independent Study Supervisors 2
Independent Study Supervisors 2
Language as Part of Cultural Heritage Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Legal and institutional protection of Cultural Heritage Gábor Soós 2
Legal and institutional protection of Cultural Heritage 2 (Advanced) Gábor Soós
Roger O'Keefe
MA Academic Writing Tutorial 1 Zsuzsanna Reed 0
Monastic Cultures: Space, Landscape, Heritage József Laszlovszky 2
Protection of natural and cultural heritage. Policy, management and communication Ruben Mnatsakanian 2
Strategic Management of Cultural Institutions Maciej Kisilowski 2
Thesis Planning Seminar József Laszlovszky
Zsuzsanna Reed
Thesis writing consultation Gerhard Jaritz
Alice Mathea Choyke
Pre-Session, Fall Presenting Cultural Heritage Zsuzsanna Reed 2
Pre-Session Introduction to Research Resources for Cultural Heritage Studies and the Cultural Heritage of Budapest Balázs Nagy
József Laszlovszky
Pre-Session Introduction to Research Resources for Medievalists Balázs Nagy
József Laszlovszky
Fall Academic Writing for Medievalists 1YMA Thomas Rooney 2
Fall Advanced Greek Text Reading Seminar - Reading Plotinus' Treatise Against the Gnostics (II.9 [33]) István Perczel
Csaba Ötvös
Fall Advanced Research Methodology Zsuzsanna Reed 1
Fall Advanced Text Reading Seminar - Syriac István Perczel 2
Fall CC + Tutorial: Late Antiquity: Postmodern Approaches Marianne Sághy 4
Fall CC + Tutorial: The Bible Reloaded: Latin Hagiographies (4-14th century) Marianne Sághy 4
Fall CC + Tutorial: The Ottoman Urban Concept: Spatial Transformation and Population Changes in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Cities in the Ottoman Realm Grigor Boykov 4
Fall CC + tutorial: The Last Reforms of Medieval Christendom: Observances, Conciliarism, Heresies, Witch-hunts Gábor Klaniczay 4
Fall Classical Republicanism in Theory and Practice Gina White 2
Fall Conflict and Its Resolution Between Orality and the Written Word in Late-medieval Hungary Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Fall Cultural Heritage Policy Alexandra Kowalski 2
Fall Digital Tools for Humanities Volodymyr Kulikov 2
Fall Faculty Research Seminar Daniel Ziemann 1
Fall Food and Society from the Roman Empire to the Early Middle Ages Robin Nadeau 2
Fall From Meat to Metaphor: Human-animal Entanglements in the Middle Ages Alice Mathea Choyke
Gerhard Jaritz
Fall Hagia Sophia of Constantinople: Sketching a Political and Social History (532-1204) Stephanos Efthymiadis 1
Fall History of Monument Protection Béla Zsolt Szakács 2
Fall Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management. Project management Zsuzsanna Szálka
Dóra Mérai
Fall Introduction to Interdisciplinary Medieval Studies Volker Menze
József Laszlovszky
Fall Introductory Academic Writing Thomas Rooney 2
Fall Late Antique and Medieval Political Theology György Geréby 2
Fall Latin Palaeography, Book hand Anna Somfai 2
Fall MA Thesis Seminar I Marcell Sebők
Gyorgy E. Szonyi
Zsuzsanna Reed
Fall Medieval Codicology Anna Somfai 2
Fall Medieval Mysticism (Advanced Reading Seminar in Latin) György Geréby 2
Fall Medieval Studies Doctoral Colloquium Alice Mathea Choyke
Balázs Nagy
Fall Neoplatonism and Advaita Vedānta: an Introduction to the Problem István Perczel
Ferenc Ruzsa
Fall Schoolmasters and Students: Learning and Scholarship in Byzantium Divna Manolova 2
Fall The Past is Another Country: Cultural Policies in Europe Marcell Sebők 2
Fall The Power of Images: Renaissance and Early Modern Visual Communication Marcell Sebők 2
Fall The Renaissance: Culture, Institutions, Representations Gyorgy E. Szonyi 2
Fall Thesis writing seminar Alice Mathea Choyke
József Laszlovszky
Fall Tu regere imperio populos, Romane, memento: Roman Ideology and Roman Rule Volker Menze
Gina White
Winter Academic Field Trip Seminar József Laszlovszky
Béla Zsolt Szakács
Winter Advanced Reading Seminar: Byzantine Spiritual Theories (Reading Class in Greek) György Geréby 2
Winter Bible for Medievalists György Geréby 2
Winter CC + Tutorial: Art and Liturgy in the Middle Ages Béla Zsolt Szakács 4
Winter CC + Tutorial: History of Daily Life Gerhard Jaritz 4
Winter CC + Tutorial: The Formation of Political and Ecclesiastical Theory: From Cicero to Erasmus Daniel Ziemann 4
Winter CC + tutorial: Rethinking the Ottoman Magnificent Centuy (1480s-1590s) Tijana Krstić 4
Winter Countercultures and the Secret Services in Late Socialist Central Europe Gábor Klaniczay
Balázs Trencsényi
Winter Documentary Heritage: Practices of Managing Information - Selecting, Storing, Summarizing Marcell Sebők
Gabriella Ivacs
Diane Geraci
Winter Early Modern Anthropologies: Observing, Describing, Professing Nature and Science Marcell Sebők 2
Winter Late Ancient and Mediaeval Science (5th-15th c.) Anna Somfai 2
Winter Medieval Theories of Language and Logic György Geréby 2
Winter Reading Medieval Latin Poetry: From Translation to Interpretation Cristian-Nicolae Gaşpar 2
Winter Scholastic Philosophy and Theology of Nature György Geréby 2