An Open Workshop on "What have we got to do with the Budapest World Heritage?"

July 3, 2015

We were co-hosting an open workshop on World Heritage Sites with the Association of Cultural Heritage Managers on June 15 in the Auditorium, at CEU.

Exhibition "Labour, Exhaustion and Success. Company Towns in the Donbas."

July 3, 2015

The Center for Arts and Culture together with the Cultural Heritage Studies Program, the Center for Urban History of East Central Europe and the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies organized an exhibition on the Donbas region.

CEU Students Delve Into Heritage of Campus Under Construction

February 19, 2015

CEU’s campus redevelopment project, now underway on Nador utca in downtown Budapest, provides fertile ground for the study of historic buildings and the challenge of renovating them for modern use in an urban environment. Students in CEU’s Cultural Heritage Studies Program donned hard hats and reflective vests for a tour of the Nador utca 13 and 15 buildings to explore the history and plans.