Exploring the Future of Roma Cultural Heritage at CEU

February 23, 2018

"'The Future of Roma Cultural Heritage,' the first event in Budapest held by the European Roma Institute of Arts and Culture (ERIAC), featured a lively exchange of knowledge and experience among experts from academia and the arts. The event was co-organized by ERIAC, CEU’s Romani Studies Program, and the European Union-funded "Re-designing Access to European Cultural Heritage" (REACH) project at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE).

CEU’S Cultural Heritage Program Awarded for Hosting European Heritage Days

February 23, 2018

"The Cultural Heritage Studies Program at CEU has been awarded in recognition of the high standard of the activities offered at the European Heritage Days (EHD). The award, symbolized by a puppet, was awarded by the community of EHD organizers at a two-day meeting of local event organizers in Budapest in November..."

Are you Game? Presenting Cultural Heritage by Playing at CEU

Games and playing are essential parts of human life that show significant cultural variation and reflect the changes in society. However, their role as an element of cultural heritage and the social identity of various communities is often underestimated.

A course as ambitious as its name: Preserving and Interpreting Knowledges of the Past and Promoting Social Justice

February 21, 2017

“Preserving and Interpreting Knowledges of the Past and Promoting Social Justice” taught by Andrea Pető from the Gender Studies Department is a course as ambitious as its name. Cross-listed with Legal Studies and Medieval Studies and in partnership with Labrisz Lesbian Association and the Hungarian National Archives, it is a course worth noting for its collaborating teaching structure and social engagement components. 

European Heritage Days at CEU

September 21, 2016

CEU opened its doors the forth time to visitors during the European Heritage Days September 17-18 2016. CEU students, alumni, the Cultural Heritage Studies Program, the Civic Engagement Office and the External Relations Office worked together to plan and conduct the activities celebrating the heritage that CEU safeguards and opens to the public in downtown Budapest. The European Heritage Days events provided by our Cultural Heritage Studies Program was a big success - about 450 visitors wanted to see the heritage values of CEU's buildings presented by our expert guides.

New Central European Cultural Heritage book series at CEU

August 5, 2016

The Cultural Heritage Studies Program launched its own CEntral European Cultural Heritage book series at CEU Press with a volume by Béla Zsolt Szakács, The Visual World of the Hungarian Angevine Legendary

Conference papers of our students published

We are happy to announce that the volume that the papers presented at the Conference of Young Medieval Archaeologists has been published, with contributors from our department: students Mária Vargha (PhD candidate in the Medieval Studies Program), Nóra Ujhelyi (MA student in the Cultural Heritage Program) and Tünde Komori (MA student in the Medieval Studies Program), as well as our faculty member Balázs Nagy. The volume was published by the St Stephen Museum in Székesfehérvár.

Cultural Heritage Students Take on the Challenge of Rebuilding the Aleppo Souk - interview by the SPP

February 19, 2016

Some of our students take part in the Aleppo Project launched by the School of Public Policy at CEU. The SPP made an interview with Sanijela Stulic and Camilo Montoya-Guevara, which you can read on their website, by clicking on the image.


December 9, 2015

Public talk by Margery Amdur
IAS & VSP artist-in-residence

Sami Cultural Week at CEU, October 5-9. 2015.

November 4, 2015

The Sami Culture Week is the first program of the Cultures in Danger (CiD) student initiative at Cultural Heritage Studies, organized at the CEU campus between October 5th to the 9th. Read this article by Camilo Montoya-Guevara about the successful week: