Sami Cultural Week at CEU, October 5-9. 2015.

November 4, 2015

The Sami Culture Week is the first program of the Cultures in Danger (CiD) student initiative at Cultural Heritage Studies, organized at the CEU campus between October 5th to the 9th. Read this article by Camilo Montoya-Guevara about the successful week:

Sami Cultural Week “aims to raise awareness of endangered cultures and vanishing tangible and intangible heritage by presenting a threatened indigenous culture, the Sami, through various events” organized by students Mariam Ajapahyan, Gergő Paukovics, Michael Shamah, Sanijela Stulic, Nora Ujhelyi, and faculty members Dora Merai and Zsuzsanna Szalka.

As part of the course “Introduction to Heritage Management”, students were given minimal instructions on how to create and stage a cultural event, and through team cooperation landed on the idea of Sami Cultural Week.

Initially divided into groups the students proposed different event ideas, and eventually weaved together: “exhibition, performances (music or dance), and also a film screening. These were the three main ideas, combined into a cultural week” as Cultural Heritage student Gergő explained.

A highlight was the guest-lecture delivered by Sami scholar, Peter Sköld, from Umeå University in Sweden. The realization of this lecture reflects the students’ “structured ambition” as Merai explained since the idea to invite him came purely from student initiative. Initiative being key to the dynamic of the course, as the instructors led the various steps to a finished project, but it was in the hands of the students to provide the content.

With the week concluded, both students and instructors reflected that working on a large team, was one of the biggest challenges, but also the most satisfying element that brought the project to fruition.

Camilo Montoya-Guevara(Cultural Heritage Studies Program, 1st year)

This article originally appeared in the CEUWeekly, printed October 21, 2015. Visit the blog at: